• Micro

      $ 9.99 mo
      • 10,000 Max MAU
      • Churn Prediction
      • Retention Impact Measurement
      • Unlimited Apps
      • 1 Team Member
      • 24/7 Support
    • Standard

      $ 299.99 mo
      • 300,000 Max MAU
      • Churn Prediction
      • Auto A/B Testing
      • Timing Optimization
      • User Segment Optimization
      • Retention Impact Measurement
      • 3 Apps
      • 3 Team Members
      • 24/7 Support

• What is MAU and how do you calculate it?

Monthly active users or MAU is the number of users that typically log in to your app every month. We calculate MAU by looking at the number of users that have logged into your connected apps within a 30 day period.


• Why doesn't the Micro tier have automatic A/B testing and user segmentation?

We work hard to make sure that the metrics we report are statistically significant and reliable, doing that requires a large user base which isn't available for the micro tier.


• If I am not satisfied with the service, can I get my money back?

Absolutely! You can use our 30 day money back guarantee if you feel like DataEagle is not adding value to your company.


• When do I need to pay?

Your MAU is calculated and reported to you when you integrate with OneSignal. You will pay when you create your first campaign, either on a monthly or yearly basis.


• What if my MAU goes over my tier's maximum?

A temporary MAU increase up to %10 is free. If it persists for more than one month you can upgrade to the next tier.


• What if I want to add more team members, apps or have more than 300K MAU?

We have a custom tier that can be adjusted to your company requirements. Please contact us to get a quote.

• What is churn prediction? 

Using a series of machine learning algorithms and statistical models to process user behaviour data, DataEagle is able to predict when a user is at risk of churning.

You can then create campaigns that automatically send out messages to users who are 'at risk of churning', 'engaged' or 'churned'.

Churn prediction could also act as a trigger for messages, whereby a user is contacted the moment they're identified as being at risk of churning.


• What is timing optimization and auto A/B testing?

DataEagle automatically runs a series of A/B tests to find the least annoying frequency for messaging. This also includes finding the best hour and day for sending a message to an individual user.


 • What is user segment optimization?

Using a series of machine learning algorithms and users' historical data, DataEagle identifies and segments together users that are similar and are expected to behave similarly. This segmentation is then used to further improve the performance of all other DataEagle features.


• What do you mean by retention impact measurement?

In order to understand the impact of a message DataEagle monitors user behaviour for a few days after getting a message (regardless of them opening it or not), we then compare how these users behaved compared with a second group of users that weren't messaged.

By doing this we're able to measure the impact a message has on user behaviour and retention.

This value is reported to you and DataEagle automatically takes this metric into account to contact people when it has the highest positive impact.