We automatically measure the validity and ROI of our A/B tests, predictions, trends and event correlations using statistics formulas to make sure that what we tell you is reliable.

• No longer requires expert statistics and analytics knowledge from you to check validity of tests or measure true ROI.
• Patterns automatically detected by our machine learning algorithms so you don’t have to be an expert analyst or spend the time reviewing minute details.

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Automation takes the legwork out of optimizing for growth, while our advanced mobile library removes the need for writing test and tracking code.

• Frees up your growth experts' time to focus on things that require domain knowledge and aren’t automate-able, considerably increasing performance.
• No need to get time commitments from dev team.
• Helps developers focus on important features that only they can do.
• No longer need to analyze heaps of data and charts.

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Integration With existing stack

Data Eagle sits along side analytics services such as Mixpanel, Flurry and Google Analytics. They provide you a visual understanding of your current situation where we focus on finding insight and taking action.

You can continue using push services like OneSignal or push messages sent out through your existing setup.

Data Eagle is specifically designed to be as easy to work with as possible without disrupting your current stack.

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By automating actions we're able to scale all the way down to the individual without a massive HR overhead.

• Our AI finds what’s best for your product and what get’s the best results with your customers.
• From analyzing granular user behaviour we automatically define clusters of users that like the same things or will react the same way.
• The system will automatically adjust itself to trends or changes in user behaviour so you’re never caught off-guard using old techniques that are no longer effective with your new users.