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Activate first time users

Mobile Marketing robots that know when to push to maximize activation!


As high as 90% of acquired users only try your app once and never return!

DataEagle increases the activation rates by optimizing the timing of push notifications to achieve highest impact.


Tailored for each individual

When and what message are optimized for each user  


Less Annoyance

We send fewer messages and only when it will have a positive impact


Fully Automated

You only provide the message copy and the rest is automated

DataEagle takes guesswork out of marketing. After the first use, when do you send the activation message? What message works better? How do you measure effectiveness? DataEagle does all of that automatically and reports back.

Gain massive improvements in activation rates by sending the right activation push notification to the right user at the right time.

* Basic: Messaging scheduled on specific time
** DataEagle: Having DataEagle magic applied to send messages to the right users at the right time! 


"... every percentage of activation rate translates to tens of thousands of dollars for us. In a few months, DataEagle managed to optimize our notifications and increase user engagement without requiring any engineering time..."

- A. Nadalizadeh, CEO - Turned On Digital


How we do this?

NO DEV Time needed

There is no need to add a new library, deploy a new build of your app or grab a developer for help, DataEagle integrates with your push notification provider service.



We automatically segment users based on past behavior and perform dozens of simultaneous A/B tests to find optimal timing and copy


Automatic Scheduling

Optimal message triggers are automatically defined for each user along with the best message copy and sent when best



Check out how easy it is to integrate with a service like OneSignal to start re-engaging customers:

Other integrations include Firebase, Urban Airship, Amazon SNS, Mixpanel...

Using optimized push notifications, you'll increase user engagement and reduce churn.

In order to find the most effective timing for highest engagement a control group is automatically created and compared to so typical user churn can be measured with/without notifications.

*** A/B tests, are sometimes referred to as multivariate testing.