Our mission at DataEagle is to help you grow. Based off of years of past experiences, we've come to view retention/churn as the most important factor in deciding a company's growth rate and ultimate scale. So we've focused our attention on using the best methods to improve your retention in a cost effective way.


Soroush Khodaii (CEO, Co-Founder)

Soroush is a serial entrepreneur and company builder. Having seen firsthand the challenges involved with growing a business, he appreciates the power of machine learning to solve this complex problem.

Being a firm believer in creating an environment where he’d love to work, Soroush has often created highly motivated teams that love what they do, constantly learn new things, and feel accountable to the company as a group.

Prior to DataEagle, Soroush co-founded million dollar software companies focusing on mobile and e-commerce.

Gavin Jenkins (CIO, Co-Founder)

Gavin is passionate about all aspects of machine learning, with an emphasis on biologically inspired, deep neural network learning of categories, patterns, analogies, and similarity.

He has studied categorization behavior and models for the last ten years during his undergraduate through doctoral training in cognitive psychology.

At DataEagle, Gavin applies neural modeling to determine patterns in commercial data from customers, products, media, or other sources.


Yashar Bashirzadeh (Lead Scientist)

Yashar is a PhD candidate and researcher in marketing at Grenoble school of management in France.

His focus is on modelling of customer relationship management in the age of big data.

What makes Yashar unique as a researcher is his real world experience as the marketing manager of not one but two successful mobile applications.

His real passion, however, is writing songs and poetry about statistical software, his most famous poem is "All you need is R"!