Traditional Vs Modern Bike Tech | GTN Ask The Pros

Traditional Vs Modern Bike Tech | GTN Ask The Pros

(upbeat electronic music) – Disc break or rim break? – Disc break, disc break, disc break. I cannot believe that it took that long to put disc breaks on normal road bikes, and I cannot believe anyone would want not-disk breaks. Riding a disc break bike around the same roads, the mountains, is just revolutionary. Obviously there’s some technology that needs to be improved, it needs to get lighter and all that kind of stuff, but that’ll happen pretty quickly now I think. Disc breaks for sure. – I do love my disc break on the road bike, but I’m still rim break on a TT bike. – At the moment I’ve got rim breaks, so it’s kind of not a, I’ve always been a little but anti-disk breaks, however, I think, you know, that’s the way bikes are going, and there’s potential next year that I’ll be riding a bike with disc breaks.

So I’ve kind of come to accept that. I’ve not ridden a bike with disc breaks yet, so, I’ve heard it’s fantastic, and the performance is good. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t judge until I’ve given it a try. – I’ve never actually used disc breaks yet, so I’m just going for a rim break, but that’s just because of the equipment what I’ve got at the moment. So, yeah, I’ll be going for rims. – Disc break, more reliable. – Rim break, I’m very old-fashioned, yes. – I’ve trialled both and, you know, obviously it’s a rim break, disc break, it’s an industry thing. It’s obviously much more pleasant being on a disc break if you have to break in an uncomfortable circumstance. I’m used to rim break. I’ve raced on it for years and done all that. You know, at this point I don’t have a preference, but if it’s better for the industry that everything goes the way of disc breaks and safety and all that, I think in the road sense, I agree with the argument that you can’t have the peloton on it and half not because it is, it’s different breaking points, different things like that, so I think if we are gonna do it, we just all have to do it and deal with it.

It’s not up to us to make rules. It’s up to us to race, and it’s up to the industry to build the bike, so whatever they do, I just prefer that they do it for everyone. – Disc break or rim break? Are you opposed to disc break, do you like the idea? – Oh, I haven’t ridden a disc break yet, so I’m coming from the perspective that I only know the rim break. I’m nervous about the disc breaks because of just the additional mechanical skill that I’m gonna need to have. I really pride myself in being quite technically savvy, but disc breaks are tough, you have to know how to keep your rotors from getting bent in travel, and you know, do you have to bleed the lines? Is it gonna be a wire break versus a fluid break? So there’s a lot of moving parts, and clearly athletes are adapting, but I think they’re a bit more finicky, and there’s just leaves a bit more room for error, and I think it’ll be a tough transition for me (laughs).

Uh, I’m sounding old (laughs). – Stay cool, you know, baby. – Disc breaks, um. I would be on disc breaks already if there would the option I think at least we all manufacture more space to create ever better shapes of the rim. You are not breaking on a part of the bike which actually has to carry weight. Carbon has become pretty good with breaking, but it’s still not a very good idea to have rubber on something like carbon in my opinion.

So, also on bad weather and so on, disc breaks. – And obviously this is course-dependent, but two-bi or one-bi? – Yeah, course-dependent obviously. I think one-bi is certainly going to be the future. I think carrying an extra derailer and an extra chain ring for that one little, tiny hill on the whole course is pretty pointless. So, I think one-bi is going to be the future, but at the moment, still definitely two-bi. – Two-bi on this course, but if I race Texas next year, I’ll go for a one-bi. – Oh, I think two. I think you gotta have the variation in load and different loads in your legs to make sure you can still run off the end of it. – I like to race one-bi one day also in Roth. One-bi is just a great feeling, and yeah, it will be the future also in time trial and triatholon. It depends on the course, it’s not made for every course. For Roth, it’s still critical because the beginning of the climb in Greding is kind of steep.

If you don’t have this, then it would be okay. The other climbs are okay with a big chain ring, but yeah, with this, maybe I have to think about it and also make some analysis about my data this year, and then I can make some calculations, does it make sense, does it not make sense. Then I also live close by here, I can do some tests here. – I mean, if it’s dead-flat then I’d definitely say just one chain ring. – I think it’s a great idea, and honestly, I’d probably race with one-bi. I think I used a 55 in Kona last year, but I could’ve used bigger, I could’ve used 56 or even 58 without too much trouble, had plenty of gears in the back going up the climb to Hawi.

– Oh, that’s interesting because my soon-to-be husband, he’s just testing that, so he’s riding around with just one chain ring to be honest, and I have to because I know this course very well, and there’s a long uphill section, and yeah, I would need like a 36 or something in the back to get uphill on my bike. So, for the flat courses, like for example Challenge Almere, one, and then for this course, double. – No, not on a road bike, to be honest. There’re definitely be some courses where you would be able to go one-bi, not on this course. And I think the problem with one-bi in road cycling is the speed barrier is so much, and I don’t like the idea of losing another like 2 watts probably because of a very crossed chain line. And also the steps, they are getting too big between each gear, so yes, on a course like San Marin, where it’s completely flat, I would go one-bi anytime. – If you like this video, hit that thumbs up button, and to see more from GTN, just click on the globe and subscribe.

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